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IBM is the latest tech giant to announce job layoffs, following on the news that Microsoft and Intel were doing layoffs. The total between them amount to about 21K jobs lost this past week alone. (Though IBM’s number was rumored to be three times as much.)

Is working for yourself looking any better? I’m wondering if we’re going to become a nation of people working at home, glued/ addicted to our computer screens. Or will we trend towards combining work and travel like the growing legion of Digital Nomads/ Digital Bedouins, working from wherever an Internet connection can be found?

If you could combine work and travel, would you? How long would you/ could you do it for, and where would you go? (Side note: Did you know that in some countries, you can use an NFS-enabled cell phone to make all sorts of payments? The technology is not in widespread use in N. America, but there are a few ongoing trials in Atlanta, NYC, and San Fran/ Bay Area.)

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