A CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress is a key component of starting a blog and/or Web site that you control completely.

Another necessary component is a hosting plan, and there many dozens of hosting providers around the world. If you’re planning to use WordPress and you need a dedicated hosting platform that performs at an optimum level, and if you especially need or care about alternatives, one of the best hosting options just might be WP Engine.

WP Engine offers a completely dedicated platform that only runs WordPress CMS. This may sound limiting, but if your site does not need other options, you gain the benefit of hosting that optimizes WordPress performance, keeps site uptime to a maximum, and problems to a minimum. Plans are available for personal ($29/mth and up), professional/ small business ($99+/m) and business ($249+/m), with a 60-day risk-free offer for all of these options.

The success of WordPress as a free tool (not counting services, themes and plugins) around the world has contributed WP Engine’s own success. In fact, they just announced not only annual recurring earnings of $100 million as well as a huge $250 million investment from Silverlake. If you want to learn more, check out WP Engine’s earnings and investment announcement (Note: affiliate link).

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