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Those of you that are “web workers” might be tempted to say that you can live pretty much anywhere if you work online. (You also don’t have to deal with the craziness of work Christmas parties.) I’m writing this as I watch a British TV show, Relocation, Relocation, where real estate brokers help a couple choose to purchase one of three houses. Seeing some of the old stone houses and the beautiful countryside, I’m thinking, “I’d love to have one of those.” Makes sense, since I work online and can live anywhere, right? Wrong.

There are some online jobs that cannot be done from anywhere. At least not immediately. For example, my plans to become a filmblogger have to be put on hold. Not only is there no longer a commercial movie theater near where I live – already isolated in the southend of a small city – but without a car as of yet, I’d have to settle for only reviewing repertory film at the local rep theater downtown. Except that I now work Mon-Sat, albeit online, and the wonderful city I currently live in has no bus service after 5 pm on Sundays. What’s more, the bus schedule changed from a 30-minute cycle to a 40 minute one, and the current generation of bus drivers in this city are mostly mean and rude and will not wait for you. No great option for me.

Of course, once I’m an established film blogger, no doubt some movie studios will send advanced copies for me to view and review. But I can’t become established covering only old movies shown on TMC and AMC, or Canadian TV networks. It’s a Catch-22, though there are some options.

Solution? One is to get a car, which I plan to do in a couple of months. But that adds a cost I don’t need once I move to Toronto for film school (assuming I get in). Since I have to cover the Toronto Film Festival, I have to move before Aug 1st, 2008 (anyone have an apartment?), where I won’t need a car. Toronto is very expensive and I know I can’t afford both a car and apartment there, as well as save for film school, amongst other financial issues. So my fingers are crossed that some of my online side projects will generate enough revenue to allow the move on time – else I’ll miss the festival yet again, and probably have to push film school further into 2009.

Maybe someday when movie theaters exist entirely online because everyone has a home theater, it’ll be a different story. Until then, working online isn’t always geographically-independent.

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