For those of you who are newbie bloggers, or somewhere inbetween, and wish you had a bit of guidance, you’re in luck. Ahmed Bilal, is an SEO and copywriter who is a lead blogger at Performancing. His Performancing articles reveal blogging, SEO, and webmastering insights unlike anything I’ve seen at most other blogs about blogging. Whether short or long articles, Ahmed very subtly packs a lot of information into each – most of which is backed up by his own experience rather than just speculation. But you may have to read an article over twice before you say “a ha”.

If you want a bit more insight into Ahmed and his work, go check out his interview on Xfep (eXtra for every publisher) by David Peralty. David is running a series of interviews of expert bloggers, which will be worth checking out because they’ll lead you to the blogs of people who have achieved some level of success.

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