Are you into mind mapping or are interested in knowing more about this valuable productivity method for learning, researching, planning, cataloging, and problem solving?

I’ve written on this site about the mind mapping process and tools a fair bit (and elsewhere).

One of the best mind mapping software packages available is XMind. It works on the Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and it offers mind mapping features often not available in other free packages. It’s often competitive with paid mind mapping software. As well, if you need advanced features, there’s a paid Pro version that you can pay for either one time or as a subscription.

Free vs Paid Mind Mapping Software

The fact is, the average person who wants to use mind mapping techniques probably will be satisfied with the free version of XMind. (XMind has been free since late 2008.) If you find the process and software suits you, consider getting a Pro upgrade.

The last time I wrote on about XMind, it was at version 3.01, in late 2008. I first started mind mapping on paper around 1979, but really got into using software around 2006, with MindJet MindManager, FreeMind and XMind.

Since that time, I have purchased a Pro license for version 6, if I recall. As a power user, I found I needed some of the advanced features.

Mind Mapping Software I Use

MindManager was one of my favorite mind mapping tools on Windows computers, but it cost a fair bit back then. Since I switched using Mac computers more regularly, I’ve been using XMind because, while I liked MindManager on Windows, it was missing features I needed on the Mac version. For now, XMind satisfies my power mind mapping user needs. recently released Version 8, with lots of new features including horizontal and vertical timelines, updated “professional” templates, and more. I am not listing all new features here as they have in-depth usage examples on their Web site. It’s worth checking out, if you know about or are interested in the productivity power of mind mapping.

Here is a link to the XMind website.

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