snap: XMind fishbone calendar
XMind has just released their 3.0.1 version of both their basic and pro mind mapping applications. As I mentioned previously, XMind is recently free as well as Open Source. (XMind can actually be integrated into your own applications.) Both editions are multi-platform. The free edition is even more powerful than the free, mult-platform FreeMind application. The image above shows a fishbone diagram where each node is a monthly calendar using the XMind “spreadsheet” node mode. (The label ‘spreadsheet’ is a misnomer; ‘table’ would be more accurate.)

New XMind 3.01 Features

Version 3.01 not only has multiple new features but a number of bugs have been fixed as well. Here are the new features, as taken from the release notes of 3.01:

  1. New Mind Map Structure: Clockwise and Anti Clockwise
  2. Import XMind 2008 file.
  3. Export to XMind 2008 file.
  4. Map Shot:  User can set a path to save.
  5. Hyperlink: Users can add Local File/Folder link, and topic link (in the same workbook) to a topic.
  6. The personal markers in a map can be seen after opening the map in another computer.
  7. Multi-lingual: New languages package including German, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)
  8. New relationship style: Zigzag.
  9. New markers.

XMind does have some weird application behavior quirks, but overall, it’s a great, powerful free package that’s ideal for getting people started on mind mapping.

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