If you’re one of the many thousands who are possibly considering blogging as a career, you’ll want to check Yaro Starak’s free Blog Profits Blueprint ebook – which is a teaser for his Blog Mastermind mentoring program. I’ve been reading it on and off throughout the day, having downloaded it in the morning. I’m quickly browsing through it right now and plan to read it in full over time, but it looks like a solid resource – even for people like myself who’ve been at this blogging thing for over two years.

It’s 55 pages full of advice on how to approach blog writing, how to market your blog, ways to monetize your blogging and more. I should point out that unlike myself, Yaro does not blog for hire. He runs a small selection of successful sites/ blogs – such as Entrepreneur’s Journey – as well as some offline businesses that take him travelling from time to time. What’s more, he says that he only puts in a few hours per day writing about one article per day, at most. That part-time effort, he says, earns him about US$4000-6000/month. (I don’t know what the average family income is in the United States, but in Canada, it’s less than US$4000/mth.) It took Yaro more than two years to reach this income level, but in the ebook, he points out that while requires consistent effort, it does not have to be hard.

Yaro is not the only person touting the part-time work week. A fellow blogger who is also a friend says he puts in a 2-4 hours per day and earns almost full-time from one blog. Not quite as much as Yaro, but close. And no doubt you’ve heard of other people earning a comfortable living, not necessarily just through blogging but other activities such as flipping sites, buying site income, domaining, workshops, ebooks, consulting, and more. So making a living online is possible.

Do download Yaro’s free Blog Profits Blueprint ebook and read it. As I’ve said above, I’ve only been browsing it, but I’m coming across so much advice in there to say that this is a must read for those of you wanting to blog for a living. If you’re planning to check out his Mastermind course, be warned that it’ll be going up from US$47/month to $77 after seven days (since starting).

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